Lease Termination

I (we) do hereby give notice to vacate the property stated above. I (we) acknowledge that I (we) are responsible for rent for 60 days from the day this notice is received by management or until the end of my (our) lease agreement. SECURITY DEPOSITS ARE NOT USED FOR PAYMENT OF LAST MONTH’S RENT. If the term of the lease is not fulfilled, I (we) understand that the security deposit will be forfeited and we will remain responsible for the rent and/or leasing costs until the space is leased again. I (we) understand that by tendering this notice to vacate I (we) will be completed moved out and will turn in the keys/ remotes to BERENGUER & ASSOCIATES’ office on or before the noted move out date. I (we) understand that the utility services must be kept ON through the date of the MOVE-OUT INSPECTION and promptly disconnected thereafter. During the period of this notice, I (we) are aware that BERENGUER & ASSOCIATES will be advertising the property for re-rental and may request our cooperation in showing the space to prospective applicants. During this time, BERENGUER & ASSOCIATES will make every attempt to provide reasonable notice to request showings and I (we) agree to maintain the property in a clean and well-maintained manner and vacate the property while showings are being conducted.